Criminal law

Belskiy and Partners has one of the leading criminal defense teams in Russia.

In legal practice, criminal casework is especially important. After all, an individual’s fate is on the line. We know how to make a choice and take responsibility for it, and we continue to fight for the rights of those who place their trust in us, no matter what the circumstances. We get results regardless of the scale of the case, the nature of the charges, the public attention it attracts, and the identity and status of the client.

Our Criminal Law Practice team is made up of experienced lawyers who are recognized as leaders in the profession in ratings and legal market studies such as Forbes, Chambers, Best Lawyers, The Legal 500, Pravo-300, and Kommersant. We are trusted: most new clients come to us through recommendations.
Our lawyers have worked on exceptionally complex cases of great public interest, which have played a significant role in the development of the Russian law enforcement and judicial system.

Our team includes former officers of the Russian Federation’s Investigative Committee and Ministry of Internal Affairs, prosecutors, former  military lawyers, as well as practicing career advocates of brilliant academic caliber. Our lawyers have  successful track record in cases handled by the investigative units of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, transport investigative units, and military investigative units at all levels. We defend our clients' interests at every stage of the judicial process, including in the Supreme and Constitutional Courts of the Russian Federation.

Our criminal law projects have spanned the Moscow region, the South of Russia, the North Caucasus, the North-West, the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East.
Key competencies
Industry experience
  • Banking
  • Public administration
  • Industrial construction and development
  • Fuel and energy sector
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Telecommunications and microelectronics
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • IT and system integrators
  • FMCG
Selected cases
Criminal defense
  • Defending the deputy head of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation on charges of embezzlement, corruption, and malfeasance. The court’s verdict terminated the criminal prosecution for most of the offenses, and no real penalty was imposed for the others as the statute of limitations had expired.

  • Defending a former Federation Council senator accused of VAT refund fraud. The criminal prosecution was terminated by the court as the statute of limitations had expired.

  • Defending two senior managers from a major company in the fuel and energy sector who were accused of committing an economic crime on the territory of a foreign state. Criminal proceedings were terminated due to the absence of corpus delicti in the accused’s actions.

  • Defending the CEO of the Russian office of a foreign corporation who was accused of organizing customs evasion. The criminal prosecution was terminated at the preliminary investigation stage due to the absence of corpus delicti.

  • Defending the head of the Russian office of a major international holding company on charges of tax evasion in an amount exceeding RUB 2 billion. The criminal prosecution was terminated at the preliminary investigation stage.

  • Defending the head of a federal state unitary enterprise who was accused of two counts of large-scale fraud. The client was acquitted by a court verdict on one count, and received a suspended sentence on the second.

  • Defending a foreign citizen accused of smuggling drugs into the Russian Federation. The sentence imposed led to our client being released in the courtroom.

  • Defending the chairman of the board and owner of the beneficiaries of a major commercial bank against numerous embezzlement charges, including legal assistance related to an extradition request by the Russian authorities to obtain an accused person from a foreign state. Extradition to the Russian Federation was denied due to numerous violations of the rights of the accused committed by the Russian investigative authorities.

  • Defending an entrepreneur accused of defamation. The criminal prosecution was terminated at the preliminary investigation stage.

  • Defending an entrepreneur accused of illegal deforestation and violation of protected natural conservation areas. The criminal prosecution was terminated at the representative investigation stage due to the client having no involvement in these offenses.

  • Defending a high-ranking government official on charges of accepting a large bribe. The charges were downgraded to a less serious category, and the court imposed a suspended sentence.

  • Defending the owner of a large construction company on charges of embezzlement of loans worth more than RUB 16 billion.

  • Defending the owner of a commercial bank accused of large-scale embezzlement and fraud, as well as money laundering.

  • Defending the owner of a large construction company accused of embezzling more than RUB 3 billion in the performance of a State Defense Order.

  • Defending the owner and head of a lending institution who were accused of fraud.

  • Defending the deputy head of a construction company accused of violating safety rules resulting in the deaths of more than two people.

  • Defending individuals accused of committing computer information crimes.

  • Advising a major industrial company regarding fatalities at a hazardous production facility. The request to open criminal proceedings was denied based on the pre-investigation review.

  • Advising a major business aviation operator during a criminal case opened with regards to large-scale evasion of customs payments.

Victim representation
  • Representing the shareholders of a large holding company in the fuel and energy sector as victims in a criminal case of embezzlement of more than RUB 40 billion, and tracing and returning stolen assets.

  • Representing a shareholder of a medical services holding company in a corporate dispute with other shareholders and senior management.

  • Representing a group of shareholders of a gold mining company in a corporate dispute.

  • Representing a major international company in a case involving the theft of confidential information.

  • Representing the Russian office of an international FMCG company in a case involving the theft of confidential information using malware.

  • Representing an international oil and gas company in a case of bank fraud in an amount exceeding RUB 600 million.

  • Representing an international company in a case involving the embezzlement of more than RUB 2 billion. Representing the victim in a case involving the extradition of the accused from the EU (the extradition request was granted by the court and the accused was brought to the Russian Federation).

  • Representing the interests of a patient in a case of medical malpractice.

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