Dispute resolution

Disputes are our profession. We specialize in complex, high-stakes litigation. Our team has a wealth of expertise in dispute resolution, having won over $ 10 billion in total claims on behalf of our clients. We devise creative solutions in the most complex of cases, and our legal positions often serve as the basis for subsequent legal precedent.

When working on complex cases, we ensure our team includes not only trial lawyers, but also lawyers from related practices, such as criminal law.
This allows us to see the big picture and quickly develop an action plan that will lead to a favorable outcome for our client.
The legal500

Thorough analysis of evidence and frank approach to work.

Belskiy and Partners' dispute resolution lawyers and attorneys attend hundreds of court hearings every year. While we are persistent in achieving our goals, we know that the greatest victory is that which requires no battle. We have successfully resolved many conflicts with a settlement agreement, which has enabled clients to achieve the desired result and save time and money.

When preparing for legal proceedings, we strive to work with our clients as closely as possible, delving into the detail of their business so as to better understand its processes, decision-making mechanisms, and industry specifics. This approach allows us to represent our client’s interests as confidently and convincingly as possible.

Our Dispute Resolution Practice has received numerous awards and has been recognized in leading Russian and international law firm rankings.

Where we work: our lawyers have extensive court experience in every one of Russia’s federal districts, from the Far East to Kaliningrad, and from the Yamal Peninsula to the Caucasus.
Our top priority in any dispute is to achieve the best possible result for our client.

Professional recognition
Industry experience
  • Banking and investment
  • Construction and development
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and advertising
  • IT and system integrators
  • FMCG and trade
Selected cases
  • Representation of a contractor in a dispute over the recovery of a payment of over RUB 9 billion for the construction of a large industrial facility.

  • Representation of a large trading company in challenging a tax authority decision on additional tax charges of more than RUB 900 million.

  • Representation of a large Russian company in arbitration courts at all levels, including the Intellectual Property Court, in a dispute over the rights to audiovisual works.

  • Representation of several top managers of major Russian companies in dozens of separate disputes seeking the recovery of losses and bringing to subsidiary liability in bankruptcy cases.

  • Mediation between shareholders of a large Russian holding company following an unfriendly business split.

  • Representation of a partially state-owned company in a dispute challenging transactions involving the alienation of real estate.

  • Representation of a major communications agency in a dispute over payment for services rendered.

  • Representation of a medical equipment importer in a case seeking the invalidation of a customs authority decision and the reimbursement of overcharged customs payments, including VAT.

  • Representation of a large agricultural producer in a case challenging a transaction concluded following an auction to sell an agricultural enterprise worth more than RUB 1 billion, organized as part of a bankruptcy case.

  • Representation of the agricultural enterprise that won the auction in a case challenging a transaction to acquire the industrial and technological facilities of a bankrupt agricultural enterprise worth over RUB 0.5 billion.

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